Between the Branches

There’s a red Maple tree in our yard, and it’s only now, when the cold pre-winter winds have forced it to she’d its leaves, do you see the bird’s nest in between the naked branches.


Chickens in Winter


Footprints in the snow
Oh my god! Our toes are cold!
No eggs til it’s warm!

Crystal and Lace

Crystal and Lace

Swirling, whispering winds
Carrying gentle white tufts
Into the night.
They fall, glistening, shining
Like stars from the heavens,
Gleaming with light.
Their fall swiftly halted
By a rain of liquid ice,
Coating light
The slumbering Earth below.
Then returns the snow,
Fluffy and white.
The waking Earth finds itself
Encased in the clearest crystal
And veiled in lacey white.

An older poem. I dug it out to share today because it’s looking like a green Christmas (or a very green winter) and I’m missing the mornings where the trees are covered in ice and snow. ¬†When you wake up and sun hits them, it looks like fire and ice combined.