B&W Challenge: Day 6

b&w challenge, so here we go. Rules: Post a photo from your life each day for seven days. No people, no explanation.


Strawberry Blossoms

strawberry plants blossoming in our garden

My mother in law had these strawberry plants given to her a couple of years ago.  She planted them by her trailer but they basically didn’t grow, except for the ones under her porch.   

So she gave them to us.  DH dug them up and transplanted them to two huge tractor tires filled with dirty.  

The chickens thought they were theirs and spent most of the falling digging in those tires.  So much so that we didn’t think any survived.  

Guess we were wrong.  



I posted this a couple weeks ago on my other blog (the one that shows how nerdy and obsessive I can be about something I enjoy), but I’m sharing it here because I think it’s one the best pictures I’ve ever taken.  Especially of an animal.

No filters and Abby (my gold sexlink chicken) could have moved at any time, but its just close up and serene looking.