B&W Challenge: Day 1

I was tagged in a Black & White Photo Challenge yesterday on Facebook.   The rules are pretty simple:

 Post a photo from your life each day for seven days. No people, no explanations, and tag someone new each day.

Since this isn’t Facebook, I’m not going to tag anyone, but I thought it’d be fun to share my photos here.   Feel free to take it up on your own blogs because it’s fun.  🙂





Abandoned Nest

And abandoned bird’s nest I found while on our last walk about on the farm. It’s very sturdily built, so I hope birds come back someday, through the moss might (or might not) suggest otherwise.

Baby Bird


This little baby bird was found today outside of it’s nest in our back yard

Huddled on the ground
Until I find the courage
To get up and fly.

~ D.L.Chilson, 20June2017


You did not see me 

Hiding in the water there,

But I can see you. 

~ D.L.Chilson, 6-15-2017
My son calls this little guy Calm, because he can sit by the pond and talk to him.  Calm does not like me, so this is as close as I get… with the zoom on my camera.  

Morning Glory

Sunshine peeking through the clouds

This was my view this morning, around 7 am.  Like the light of heaven shining down on the earth below the clouds. 

Have a happy and blessed Monday!