Beauty Everywhere 

I try to look for beauty everywhere, in in places you wouldn’t always find it.  Little little guy fluttered by me at the gas station and landed on the concrete near my car.  đź™‚ 



I love the moon, and I love seeing it in the sky at times other than the night.  I’m forever trying to get a good picture of it.  

I rather like how this one turned out.  

Skies’ Limit 

Skies Limit
by D.L.Chilson

The sky’s the limit, that’s what they say.
As far as the eye can see is how far you’ll go.
Skies blue and clear, no clouds in sight,
The path is straight; you’ll go all the way.
Skies gray and dark, storm clouds threaten.
A rocky road will make you rue the day.

The sky’s the limit, that’s what they say.
Blue skies, clear sailing, no effort to try.
There’s hidden danger in the easiest way.
Cloudy skies, blowing winds, shape your world.
Hard work will never lead you astray.
Written for the Daily Post prompt – Sky. 

Rain Water

Rain Water

    • By D.L.Chilson

Rain water

Filling up the clouds
Hanging heavy over head
Growing fat and dark
Ripe with potential

Rain Water

Falling from the clouds
Hitting parched, dry dirt
Granting thirsts freedom
Replenish the earth

Rain Water

Following the storm
Hurrying our harvests
Giving us fresh breath
Relieves the heat

We need
Rain Water