Signs of Spring

New buds on the lilac tree.

Trying out the camera on my new phone. I think it took some good pictures on our walk about.

Buds & Blooms

Life is a lot like these roses. It starts out small, in a tightly wrapped bud, then slowly opens up into a beautiful blossoming treasure.


My husband’s strawberry patch has started producing berries for the year. They are not the big, big ones you buy in stores but still decent sized.

And as you can see, there are more beginning to ripen.

This Used to Be My Playground

When I was a child growing up on the farm, I used to play in the pasture behind our house. Under this tree, and the ones neighboring it, I spent long hours dragging fallen tree branches to make walls for rooms, items from the junk yard to use as furniture, and the canopy of the trees as a roof to ‘build’ a play house for me and my friends. We’d bring our dolls and play for hours.

The trees in the pasture has seen better days, but the memories remain.