About Creativ-i-Bee

So, here’s where I start out, with my name.  Names have meaning.  Mine, as it turns out, means “bee from the meadow” or meadow bee.  I occasionally use that as an Internet screen name, and have been since the late 1990’s.

That, at least, explains the ‘Bee’ part of this blog.

The ‘creative’ part… is where I will be expressing my creativity.  I write, sometimes poetry, sometimes flash fiction, sometimes short stories and novellas.  I also like to dabble in digital photography, usually with my iPhone.  It’s not art, but I like to share the good pics.

So that’s what you’ll find here.  Poetry, fiction of some kind, and iPhone Photography.

That’s the site?  What about me?

I’m a 40 year old mother of two, a retired Navy spouse (my husband retire, I’m still his spouse), who has spent the first 18 years of her marriage travelling the world and the last year and a half raising chickens.

I grew up on a farm, lived a little bit of everywhere, and now I’m back on the farm.  It’s the circle of life.  🙂